What Is The Best Way To Use Hard Drive Disposal?

Do you want your data to be inaccessible for external organisation or an individual? Do you want to be sure that your data never sees a ray of light?

As much as we are concerned about securing our content on the hard drives, we are also concerned about the safe destruction of the content from the hard drives. It sounds little awkward because hard drive disposal is no big deal, we can simply get rid of the drive in any way possible.

This seems to be easy but it isn’t. Big shots spend a lot just to destroy their data or hard drives. As the drives contain big and secure data. It contains all the confidential information a company require.

hard drive disposal

What could be the safe way to destroy such content so that it doesn’t fall into wrong hands as it might prove to be fatal for an organisation?

Proper hard drive disposal is mandatory.

The simplest way to destruct your drive:

  1. Back up

First and the foremost thing, before beginning with the process, take a back up of the data securely and move on to the next step.

  1. Open the drive

You simply need to open the drive by removing many small screws used to tie the drive together from small different pieces.

  1. Take out the magnets

Simply remove the magnets but carefully, they can hurt your fingers as they are quite strong.

  1. Destroy the platter

Below the magnets you will find the main platter which needs to be demolished as it contains the real data which is to be destroyed. Unscrew the platter and destroy it properly.

There are other ways like hammering the drive, magnetization to disorient data inside and burning the drive.

You can even club two or more ways together so as to be doubly sure.

Consider any way which is comfortable as the main task is to get rid of the drive with proper destruction of the data inside. So, be sure about what you do to save yourself from any data leakage.

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