What are the pros and cons of different cages

What cage you should get depends upon which breed of hamster you are purchasing. To know what types are available you can refer to hasmtercageguide. But before getting a cage for your hamster here are some of the pros and cons of different types of cages. Just have a look at it!

As we know the different types of types of cages are Wire cages, aquarium ones, plastic cages and the barrel ones. Here is the list of pros and cons of each type:




  1. Wire Cages:
  • Pros: You can easily handle your hamster in it. You need not to worry about ventilation anymore. You can be relaxed about your hamster’s activity. These horizontal bars are great for climbing. So it can be a great fun activity as well as exercise for your pet. These are easily available and you can get it at any sore. These are comparatively less expensive.
  • Cons: Hamsters are active. They may fall down while climbing the bars. This may result in injury. Also they have the habit of chewing the bars. It may lead to broken or sore teethes.
  1. Aquariums:
  • Pros: Well these can be the best choice for dwarf hamsters otherwise they may escape through small space. Also you will have a clear view about what is your hamster doing.
  • Cons: They don’t have much ventilation and get dirty quite easily. Also getting access to your pet is not that easy.
  1. Plastic Cages:
  • Pros: They are just like aquariums with clear visibility and less chances of your pet to escape. They have all accessories with it. It also comes in various colors making it look attractive.
  • Cons: They have bad ventilation and are really expensive.
  1. Barrel cages:
  • Pros: These are customized cages which can be made at home. So are really cheap. They can also be spacious.
  • Cons: You will have to gather all the accessories all by yourself. Look wise it is not a ideal choice.

For details idea about the cages read about it at hasmtercageguide.

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