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Breast implants

Each and every part of our body plays an important role in showing the attractiveness of your body. Breast is a great part ofwomen which enhances their look to great extent. Thus it isimportantthat you choose the right the plastic surgeon Cleveland OH for yourbreast surgery if needed. They provide you with theserviceslikebreast reduction, shaping,augmentation, etc. it is ensuredthat theshape and size is made perfect that can enhanceyourbody look. Each and every women body is different and thus the doctors consider each oneofthemindividually.

In breastsaugmentation the breastimplants are used and they are availableof different shapes and sizes. The common thing is that all of them are made from thethinand solid silicone shell. The shellsurface can beeasily textured so that it reduces the chances f the scar around yourimplant.

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The smoothimplantsare inferred and they are softer and also less likely to be filled into skin. Dr Gregory Fedele is well known plastic surgeon in the field and they ensure that all the implants which are used are FDA approved. The outsidepart of theimplants is same and the inside is filled with the gel which feels like natural ones.


Usually general anesthesia is given to the patient at the time of breastaugmentation surgery. The incision is made can be in 3 places. It can be in peraireolar which is around the nipple and it includes the disguising of scare where thedark colored skin ends. Another is the infra mammary fold which is the crease under breast and it hides scar in fld. The third one is the axillary which is in arm pit and it hides the scar in the crease. One of the three procedures can be suitable for your implant and that will be decided by thedoctors.

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