Phenibut is better than alcohol in the long run

Alcohol and phenibut are almost similar with their activities. If you can study them better then you may realise over time that they are actually not the same. They have similar attributes but the damage caused by alcohol is more. Phenibut on the other had goes under the radar in terms of damage control. So you can say phenibut is better than alcohol.

Phenibut is better than alcohol!

There are people out there who would beg to differ about their views. Some will say alcohol is better and some will say phenibut is better this argument will go on and will never stop. For a party person alcohol is definitely his choice but you look at a patient having sleep problems and he will tell you phenibut is better than alcohol.

phenibut is better than alcohol

So, leaving personal preferences aside let’s look at the two scientifically. Alcohol has been there for ages before phenibut was introduced in 1960. But,with invent of phenibut people have taken to it and some have discarded alcohol. Previously at war alcohol was a pain killing and trauma neutralising agent.

With phenibut it took over as the official drug to neutralise trauma. People deprived of sleep take to phenibut rather than alcohol. Another simple reason why phenibut is better than alcohol is because phenibut is cheaper than alcohol.

With progress in science the scientists have been able to make phenibut a more controlled drug. The sting and threats have been reduced over the years.  Unlike alcohol phenibut will not give you organ disorders.

From the medicinal point of view phenibut is always better than alcohol. Alcohol is a waste of money, time and lives. Alcohol consumers don’t just destroy themselves; they also destroy the lives of the close ones.  Considering all these factors you can easily say which the better agent is.

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