Corporate poaching helps both the poacher and the poached?

When corporate poaching or job poaching occurs, the victimized company loses both knowledge and skill as a consequence. To top this off, the employees often create labor competition and also tend to drive the salaries higher. This leads to a fear of losing employees to other companies and hence the companies are forced to plan before something that may happen or may not happen. This sometimes results in illegal modes like anti-poaching agreements etc. However arecent study suggests that poaching can be beneficial for both the poacher and the poached.


What are the benefits of corporate poaching?

It leads to the transfer of knowledge. It lets the companies to that are stagnant to lose some employees, and as a result, cheaper companies can acquire employees who are knowledgeable and skilled. Turnover can be a blessing for any sector of the corporate world. The most obvious benefit of poaching is that obtained by the employees. It provides them with a much higher salary and be trained in a different environment hence increasing their knowledge and skills a notch higher. When a company that is less productive, poaches from a competing company that produces more, it also increases the productivity and the sales revenue which is very much beneficial for the corporate world.

Sometimes it may happen that a more productive company may try to poach employees from a low productive one. Some companies have alow budget and limited resources and on the other hand,skillful employees that they cannot put to use. This leads relatively bigger companies to lure those employees with a greater pay to work for them as they have sufficient resources. This practice often helps the companies to avoid expenses for recruiting fresher candidates as employees and training them to increase their knowledge. Thus poaching can have its advantage as well as disadvantages that simply depend on one’s point of view. You can check this weblink for further information.


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