Choosing an efficient pos system made easy with Harris Data

POS easing sales

A few decades back, the process of check-out after shopping in a retail outlet was hectic and time consuming, especially if the list of items was long. Now with point of sales software, it is all done within minutes.

Things to remember

A random choice of software may cause more harm than benefits. There are many points that business owners should bear in mind before buying.


Harris Data


  • Software specifications: A pos software should provide for needs of different sectors. Needs of a book store will be different from that of a restaurant. Selecting one which is not designed for a particular industry can cause wastage of time and money. Good providers like are specific about this.
  • Ease of operation: Software is intended to be handled by personnel directly interacting with customers. It should be easy and fast to operate. It will not leave a good impression on customers to see sales executives fumbling with systems.
  • Looks matter: A software which can be connected to swanky devices like iPad will always be better. It helps to create a positive attitude in customers, especially in hospitality industries.
  • Customer first: Whatever ease of working a software ensures, if it does not care about safety of customer’s credit card and other details, it is not going to be successful. At, you get software which guarantees total safety for customer data.
  • Marketing: Pos software should be able to process and provide information which helps in marketing products efficiently.

Why choose

Harris Data Systems has been in pos business for over twenty years and are experts in providing need based software to variety of sectors.

  • Specifically designed software is available for clubs, cafes, franchises and much more.
  • Mobile solutions are offered to cater to hospitality industry.
  • Support systems are in place for all customers at reasonable charges.

These points make Harris Data stand out from the rest.


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