Changes In The First Generation Of Ford Bronco

Changes In The First Generation Of Ford Bronco

Apr 12, 2017

Ford bronco was a classic car. First manufactured and marketed on 1966, was one of the earliest American SUVS to make a groundbreaking sales graph and inspiration to many vehicular brands. It provided tough and steady competition to the American car markets. The production continued till 1996. The design remained the same, but modifications were made throughout the years.

Changes with the era:

From 1966 to 1978, the ford bronco remained a mid-sized vehicle; later transforming into a big sized model.


  • August 1, 1965,production started
  • Series, begun in ā€˜Uā€™;73200 was the sequence number with increments of 10.
  • Models: Wagon, Pickup, and Roadster.
  • A rear view mirrorand driver side mirrors were placed.



  • Features added –vinyl front seats, chrome bumpers, sports emblem, bright aluminum body trim, and seat belts (for safety).
  • 5-gallon auxiliary fuel tank option was available.


  • Changes ā€“ dash, mirrors, anddoorswere redesigned and painted.


  • Borg Warner driveshaft was replaced by Dana Spicier.
  • Electric wipers were standardized.
  • Fenders received 302 V-8 emblems.


  • Changes-Tail lightreflectors


  • Stronger Dana 44 replaced Dana 30 front axle.
  • The pumpwas an internal style.
  • 302 emblems were last seen.
  • 19,800 Broncos were produced.


  • Changes- Column shifter handle design.
  • Interior colors were available for bronco.
  • To helpair flow inside the car increase, there was aredesign of theair cleaner.


  • J-Style shifter was introduced.
  • A302Power steering option was given.
  • V-8 was with C-4 Automatic Transmission.
  • Interior was orange.


  • Cars had red interiors.
  • Incorporationofan electronic ignition.
  • Changes- steeringwheel


  • Introduction of unleaded petrol
  • Catalytic converters were installed.


  • The introduction of disk brakes on front axle and ranger package.
  • Changes- Steering column design.


  • Redesign- Rear tank (14.4 Gallons in place of 12 Gallons),front parking brake cable.

A classic journey

This era described as the first generation which peaked up the sales. We observed many changes, but the size of the vehicle remained the same. It remained a mid-size vehicle. With so many years of service and impeccable run, ford bronco still remains a sturdy and lovable antique.

Old broncos can be found running on the streets. Modification and caregiving have given this decade old car a charming sustenance.

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