Blind Push of Students and Its Adverse Effects on Visual Art Education

Blind Push of Students: The term ‘Blind push’ simply means pushing someone toward something without analyzing its effect on the life that person. This blind push is really common among student because the parents and teachers force the students to pick visual arts instead of science in high school because of their poor performance. The poor performance of the students can be the result of many factors but instead of analyzing the factors and helping the students to improve, parents and teachers blind push them towards visual arts. It doesn’t matters if the child is interested in the arts or not but all that matter is that the child will finally get the good grades because of the ease of the subject.

Visual arts education: Visual arts education is the form of education in which the students are taught about various visual art forms like painting, drawing, sculpture, weaving, pottery etc. These arts help the student to open a small scale business by using this education in the fields like house furnishing and mercantile graphics. High-tech fields like photography, computer graphics, fabric designing, films, etc. have a high demand of students who are proficient in visual arts education.

Adverse effects of blind push on Visual arts education: This type of education is all about creativity and interest of the student. Blindly pushing the students toward this subject will not only make the students suffer but also the teachers involved with them will have a hard time. There are some adverse effects listed below that will help the people to understand why blind push should not be promoted in the visual arts education:

  1. Poor Productivity: If the student is not interested in the subject then he will not be able to focus and learn something productive from the visual arts..
  2. Side effect on whole class: Both the teacher and the other student will suffer due to learning inability of one student who is attending the course only because he have been blindly pushed by his parents.
  3. Poor Result: Visual arts education is the part of high school education which is counted as the most important period in the life of a student. During that period if the student is blindly pushed toward visual arts then not only his life will suffer but also the poor result will show the inefficiency of the teacher.

Visual arts education is not just any simple subject that anyone can learn but it is the superior, original and polite form of education which helps in improving the business skills of the students. Teachers and parents should analyze the interest of the student before picking visual arts for him for high productivity and improved results.

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